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At Hotbath, we make every effort to make our products and operations as sustainable as possible. As with our taps, we always strive to go the extra mile in doing so. Naturally, we will continue to seek out new ways to be able to further improve our sustainability. Below is a list of improvements we have already implemented in recent years.

Sustainable initiatives

1. In our warehouse, all plastic filler material has been replaced with filler material made of recycled paper.

2. All paper, printer toners and batteries are collected and recycled.

3. Our Hotbath drivers follow a computerised route schedule so that we can manage the use of fossil fuels in the most sustainable manner possible.

4. The boxes we use to package our products contain 0% plastic.

5. Our entire premises is fitted out with sustainable LED lighting.

6. Our products are delivered to us from the factory by train instead of cargo trucks or couriers.

7. All foam inserts have been replaced by cardboard variants.

8. The full-colour printed boxes have all been replaced by brown environmentally-friendly boxes.

9. We have developed various innovative technologies to ensure that our taps use as little water as possible - without compromising on quality and comfort, of course! You can read more about this on our technologies page.

10. For the mental and physical health of all Hotbath staff, there is a company fitness programme, and we provide fresh fruit in the office. In addition, various sports activities and events are held, such as a recurring sports day and steps challenges.

11. All staff members use our own water-saving overhead showers.

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