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This is the series, where everything comes together. Quality, design and technology.

Cool and refined taps for your bathroom

Ease of use and perfection form the foundation of this new series. The national and international professionals within Hotbath have pooled their years of experience, with the quality and technology that goes with it, to create a new series. It comes with a full 10-year guarantee. Gal consists solely of high-quality materials and components, such as the high-quality inner workings from Flühs.

This is a complete series, from the concealed shower set to the fountain tap and corresponding accessories, so that you can fit your bathroom out entirely with Gal. With its refined yet robust shapes and 2 new finishes, Gal is a great asset for any bathroom. The Gal
series of taps is available in chrome, matt black, brushed brass PVD and two new finishes: brushed gunmetal PVD and brushed nickel PVD.

Perfection and freedom from worry

The Gal series of taps is developed with extremely high-quality materials and comes with a 10-year full guarantee. Ease of use and perfection form the foundation of this series. Turning the tap on and off has been made even better and smoother in this series. Thanks to the new technology named Smooth Control, the tap comes on, mixes and goes off so smoothly that this unconscious action feels surprisingly different.

The advantages of Gal

An extensive series which allows you to fit out your bathroom completely with matching products. Everything is possible, whether you’re just looking for a wash-hand basin mixer tap or a completely new bathroom!

  • Choice of five finishes, including three finishes in PVD
  • Two new finishes with PVD, brushed gunmetal PVD & brushed nickel PVD
  • Can be supplemented with bathroom accessories in the same finishes as the taps
  • Comes with a full 10-year guarantee
  • High-quality materials, such as the excellent inner workings from Flühs
  • The Flower Power System ensures hot water is not wasted
  • Can be mounted and placed in three different ways thanks to the 3+3 system

Ask your bathroom fittings consultant about all of the features. Our dealers can help you with that.

View all the products in the Gal series!

Quality designer taps for the bathroom? Check out the latest in the Gal series! These taps are available in 5 different finishes, including 3 in PVD. Choose brushed gunmetal PVD or brushed nickel PVD, for example. View the series:

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