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Maximum showering comfort, minimum use of water

The Shower Power System (SPS) ensures equal water distribution within the overhead shower, enabling a pleasant showering experience with a minimum amount of water. Thanks to a patented cartridge membrane system located in the overhead shower, you can save on your
water bill while still enjoying wonderful showers. For all overhead showers (M100 and M200) with a diameter of 20 centimetres, a CW3 boiler system is the minimum required. Larger overhead showers (25cm and bigger) work best with a water pressure of 9 ltr/min. This requires a CW4 or higher boiler system. Every shower included in the Shower Power system comes with a flow table.

Considerable water savings with the Eco-air system

The Eco-air system ensures significant savings in water usage by naturally adding some air to the water without compromising on comfort. There is a narrowing in the ball joint, which increases the speed of the water flow. This reduces pressure so that air is sucked in and
mixed with the water. This is also known as the venturi effect. Every overhead
shower features the Eco-air system.

No waste with the Flower Power System

Products within the Flower Power System can provide significant savings on your energy bill. This system ensures that all single-lever taps provide cold water from the 'neutral lever position'. In many cases, the tap is only turned to cold when the water starts to get
lukewarm. In the meantime, the water pipe is warming up, consuming unnecessary
energy and wasting warm water.

The Flower Power system ensures that the lever provides cold water right away and warm water only after it's turned on. The simplest and most effective energy saving conceivable.

  • Hot water is not wasted

  • Heat from the pipes is not wasted

  • Money is not wasted

  • Energy is not wasted

The revolutionary 3+3 built-in system

In addition to the high-quality interior, Hotbath also distinguishes itself through the revolutionary 3+3 built-in system, which allows the taps to be mounted in three ways. For example, place the handle on the left, right or at the top. This way you can completely adjust the design to your personal wishes.

Taps with a 3+3 built-in system consist of two separate parts; the tap and the handle. This allows the taps to be mounted ergonomically; you decide where the lever will be. The 3+3 built-in system is therefore not only the way to honor your bathroom style, it also ensures ultimate ease of use. For example, place the handle on the left if someone is left-handed. Or opt for the handle above the tap if you don't have enough space.

Plumber Friendly

High-quality and easy for any fitter to install. At Hotbath, we work with special innovative technologies to simplify the installation of the products as much as possible. This means the products are set up and installed in a matter of minutes, leading to significant savings
in time and money, not to mention a happy fitter!

Stainless steel 316

The Hotbath Archie series is made using Stainless Steel 316. This is the very best quality stainless steel and therefore has a lifespan of, well, forever. The material is perfectly designed
to withstand moisture, dirt and high temperatures and is thus practically indestructible. Stainless steel is one of the most hygienic materials and is easy to keep clean. You'll get years of service from the Archie series because of its durability, and it's also a stylish and attractive addition to your home.

Vinyl Touch

De afwerking op de hendel van onze Archie serie heeft dezelfde lichtspiegeling als de gramThe finish on the lever of our Archie series produces the same light reflection as a vinyl record and gives it that little bit more pizzazz. In the right light, the tap shines like a jewel. Combined with the other high-quality brushed finish, this is truly eye-catching in any

Smooth Control

Turning the tap on and off is an unconscious action. The new Gal series makes this action even smoother and more supple. Thanks to the innovative technology named Smooth Control, the tap comes on, mixes and goes off so smoothly, making this unconscious action feel
surprisingly different.


Almost all Hotbath taps are fitted with high-quality, patented Flühs inner workings. Taps with the Flühs inner workings are indicated by the Flühs icon.

Flühs safeguards and continues the quality of the inner workings and diverters of almost every Hotbath product. The other Flühs components, such as 2 and 3-way diverters and the kitchen tap cartridges, are also fully integrated into all new products, where technically possible.

Flühs Drehtechnik was established in 1926 in Lüdenscheid, Germany. With 400 employees, it is now the world's largest and most innovative market leader in all types of inner workings and turning work for the global tap industry.

With 120 'state-of-the-art' turning machines, ever year 140,000 tons of brass are processed into millions of inner workings and diverters and exported to 5 continents. The specialised, patented production of Flühs inner workings, cartridges and diverters consists of a full
brass cartridge with ceramic discs (white and brown) manufactured from aluminium oxide. The combination ensures excellent action for shutting down, regulating and adjusting the flow of water. The big difference in the Flühs products compared with similar products from the 'normal market' is mainly the thickness of the ceramic disks and the very special patented system, which does not use grease between the discs. In addition, Flühs uses brass cartridges which, unlike plastic cartridges, cannot be easily crushed. All of these together ensure many years of smoothly flowing water.

Aside from the unique ceramic discs, the 'Motion' diverters have another patented special advantage. Namely, these diverters are specially designed for use with thermostatic taps. In order to guarantee years of smooth flowing operation, the water enters at the side of the diverter. The water then exits the tap through the outlet on the underside. The unique benefit of this is that there is no constant pressure on the discs, which results in several years of smooth operation.__

Hotbath offers a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE on Flühs ceramic inner workings and diverters.

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