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The bathroom of Lisette



Every day, I still think: ‘Wow, those taps. They are just gorgeous combined with the
polished concrete. - Lisette

Ensuite bathroom of her dreams

For Lisette and Jordy, purchasing an authentic farmhouse in Huizen was a dream come
true. They can walk from their bedroom into their ensuite bathroom with a
walk-in shower and free-standing bathtub. Here, the Cobber taps in brushed
copper, combined with the polished concrete walls and floor, are simply
stunning. Take a look!


Who Lisette Smits (36, paediatric therapist in training), Jordy van der Klij (42, partner at an employment agency) and children Fenna (12), Tijs (9) and Sara (6) Where Huizen Property type****Two former fishermen’s cottages from before 1700 that were merged into a residential farmhouse Bathroom 18 m² Particulars Natural materials were the starting point in this bathroom design; see Instagram @ons_vissershuisje

The morning ritual of Lisette’s blended family? ‘Jordy is usually up first. You can
walk directly into the ensuite bathroom from our bedroom at the back of the house. While he's showering, I wake up the children and help them get dressed. I often end up taking a shower at the same time as the children, so an overhead shower (Cobber IBS70) and a hand-held shower you can use simultaneously are ideal for us. Jordy usually makes breakfast, and then we can all start our days.’

Binnenkijker Lisette
Inbouw wastafelmengkraan CB005 geborsteld koper

Ensuite bathroom

A bedroom with an ensuite bathroom sounded great to us

Lisette and Jordy couldn't believe their luck when they acquired this house in 2021.
Lisette: ‘I am from Huizen and have always wanted to live on this street. The house consists of two fishermen’s cottages that were merged into one residential farmhouse many years ago.’ Initially, Lisette and Jordy only wanted to renovate the upstairs, but ultimately they decided to redo the entire house. ‘A bedroom with an ensuite bathroom sounded great to us, but the space was limited because of the pitched room at the back
of the house.

An interior designer helped us with a bathroom plan. In this way, we came up with
the idea of a dormer construction in the bedroom and bathroom. This resulted in space being created for custom-made bathroom furniture made of polished concrete that we designed ourselves. Jordy and I often brush our teeth together and go to bed at the same time. It’s a habit that’s developed over the years. This was why we really wanted two wash-hand basins and two of the CB005 taps. Because really, isn't brushing your teeth together so much nicer?’

Cobber kranen en accessoires in geborsteld koper
Inbouw doucheset Cobber IBS70

A match made in heaven: brushed copper and polished concrete

Lisette, Jordy and their children love to be outside, and nature plays a large part in
their lives. Hence the natural materials as a starting point in the renovations. They also implemented this principle in the bathroom with polished concrete on the walls and floor and Living Colour taps. ‘The colours of brushed copper taps from the Cobber series change as a result of air, water and being touched. Now that we’ve been using them for about six months, the taps are starting to come to life and are getting little marks on them. We didn't just want taps that looked good; they also had to be comfortable to use. They are controlled with a button on a subtle little shaft. The children got used to it
immediately. Downstairs, we have an old bathroom, and there you have to press down the button, and only then can you turn it. It’s also not immediately clear where the hot and cold water is, unlike the Hotbath taps. I walk into the bathroom every day and still think: ‘Wow, those taps. They are just gorgeous combined with the polished concrete.’

Vrijstaande badmengkraan CB077BC
Vrijstaande badmengkraan CB077BC

XL rain shower

The free-standing bathtub might well be the family’s favourite spot in the house. ‘I
very seldom get to take a bath alone. Jordy and I often take a bath together with a good book, but the children are also often there too. We immediately felt the free-standing mixer tap (CB077) was perfect for the tub. Just lovely!’ Because Lisette and Jordy often take showers with their children, they want two shower heads. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough space for this. Therefore the couple chose the largest Cobber shower head (M106) with a diameter of 300mm. ‘It's truly divine,’ laughs Lisette. ‘Secretly, I was hoping it would be nice, but I never expected a shower to be as attractive as this is. We deliberately chose concealed taps. Everything is hidden away in the wall, providing the calm we love so much. There’s no plate around the buttons, so they really pop out. How
often do we shower? Well, sometimes twice a day. But this happens when you’ve such a lovely bathroom!

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